We're Wavebreak

We help online stores make more money with email marketing.

I'm Dylan Kelley, the founder of Wavebreak.

We work with a limited number of awesome clients and manage their email marketing.

But we didn't always do email marketing.

I've always seen a lot of value in making more money from your existing traffic and customer base.

That's why Wavebreak actually started as a conversion rate optimization agency.

We worked with online stores to help them increase their conversion rates.

Last summer, we were working with a really awesome client.

Our job was to build and optimize landing pages for their Facebook ads.

And as we were doing this, something bad happened.

All of their Facebook ads traffic just dried up, practically overnight.

Big brands targeting the same audience entered the space and hiked up the cost of ads.

And it was bad.

They went from spending nearly six figures every month on Facebook ads and reaping massive profits to... no traffic and ads that were no where near profitable.

From a website traffic standpoint, it looked like they had just started their business.

Marketing channels disappearing and nearly destroying businesses was something I started hearing over and over again.

I knew there had to be a better way to consistently get sales.

That's when I discovered email marketing—the most powerful and profitable way to grow your ecommerce business.

It's all we do here at Wavebreak and for good reason.

A solid email marketing program can easily increase your revenue by 10-30%.

And that's just the short term.

Do you run a growing ecommerce business?

Do you make more than 1,000 sales every month?

Request a free consultation below and I'll show you how you can turn email marketing into a channel you can depend on to grow your business.

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