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How to use email automation to grow your ecommerce business on autopilot

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an additional 10-20% increase in annual revenue without having to lift a finger?

With email automation you can grow your sales completely on autopilot.

Email marketing normally takes a lot of work

First you have to work hard to earn more email subscribers.

Then you have to stay in touch with your email list on a weekly basis.

That means every week you have to come up with newsletter ideas, think of a good subject line, write the body copy, edit your first draft, rewrite, proofread, rewrite again, design the emails, etc.

Enter email automation

With some basic automated emails running, you can increase your sales in your sleep.

To achieve this, you just have to set up emails that send based on your customers behavior.

For example, let’s say a customer hasn’t bought from you in a few months.

You can send them a relevant automated email that encourages them to make another purchase.

That’s just one example.

5 must-have automated email sequences

Here are the essential email sequences that will take your email marketing from zero to hero.

Abandoned Cart Series

This should be a no brainer.

You should already have some sort of abandoned cart emails implemented in your business.

Here’s the general framework I like to use:

First, create a reminder email that reminds someone what they left in your cart and a link to complete their purchase.

Send the first reminder a few hours after they abandoned their cart.

Follow up a day later with a similar email.

If they still haven’t bought by the second email, send them a third email a day later offering them a discount.

Here’s an abandoned cart email example from Dote

Welcome Series

This series will increase engagement and deliverability.

After someone joins your email list, welcome them with a series of emails.

If you offered a discount or gift to get them to subscribe to your email list, give it to them in the first email.

Continue to nurture and educate your new subscribers so they get used to seeing you in their inbox.

You could tell them more about your story and how your business came to be.

You could invite them to connect with you on social media.

Start your welcome series sequence when someone subscribes to your email list from an opt-in form.

Here’s an example welcome email from Saucey

New Customer Welcome Series

This series will turn your first time customers into loyal fans.

After someone makes their first purchase from you, welcome them to the family.

Schedule your first email to send out right away and tell them:

  • When they’ll get their order
  • What your return policy is
  • Any other useful order information

After they receive their order, ask them if it arrived safely.

A few days later, gently nudge the customer to leave a review of the product they ordered.

Repeat Customer Series

This will turn your repeat customers into your biggest spenders.

After one of your past customers makes another purchase, email them and remind them why you’re brand is the best.

As usual, after they receive their order, ask them if they got it.

In the same email, ask for a review.

A few days later, send an email with an up-sell to a related product with a time-sensitive bonus discount or gift.

When the time for the bonus is about run out, send them an email letting them know this is their last chance.

Here’s an up-sell example email from Dollar Shave Club

Customer Win Back Series

This will turn your dead customers back into pure profit.

If a customer hasn’t made a purchase in awhile, reach out to them to get them to buy again.

A couple months after they made their last purchase, let them know you missed them and email them a discount.

Include some links to products that they might like.

About a week later, if they haven’t taken action yet, email them a big discount that they can’t refuse.

A week after, let them know that if they don’t make a purchase or reply to your email, they’ll be deleted from your VIP email list.

Another week later, email them and let them know they’ve been unsubscribed.

Give them your crazy offer one last time and a chance to subscribe back to your email list.

Closing thoughts on email automation

If you run an online store that generates over 500 sales every month, you should have these automated email flows in place.

Every week that you don’t have email automation working for you, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars in profit.