Email Flow Automation

Email marketing takes a lot of work

Building up an email list takes time.

Staying in touch with your list regularly takes even more time.

With email flow automation, you can send emails automatically and drive sales in your sleep.

You probably already know the power of email automation.

You might even have some basic flows setup in Klaviyo already.

But you know that your current email automation could be better.

Or worse — maybe you don't have any email automation at all.

A machine running in the background that's constantly making you money

This done-for-you service will provide you with all the email flows you need to maximize your ROI from email automation.

Our email automation clients typically see a 10-20% increase in total revenue.

​For a Shopify store that does $1 million in revenue, that's an increase of $100k-$200k.

You only have to set them up once, so it pays to have them set up right.

What you'll get

If you're not already using Klaviyo, we'll work with your tech team to help you make the switch and import your existing email subscribers.

We'll also set up proper lead capture software to help you collect more email addresses and create a template in Klaviyo for your email campaigns.

Before we set up the emails, we'll hop on a call to go over the proposed emails together and get your feedback.

Standard Implementation — Option 1

We'll set up the following email flows in Klaviyo:

1. Welcome series (3-6 emails) - to turn people on your email list into customers.

2. Abandoned cart series (3 emails) - get people who abandoned their shopping carts to complete their purchase.

3. Retention series (4-9 emails) - to turn past customers into repeat customers.

Advanced Implementation — Option 2

This option includes everything above, plus:

1. Browse abandonment series (2 emails) - to turn people who view a product into customers.

2. Win back series (3 emails) - to win back your lapsed customers that haven't made a purchase in long time.

3. Post purchase series (3-5 emails) - to thank your customers, get product reviews, and build trust.

Next steps

The one-time setup fee for this done-for-you service starts at $1,995 depending on the package.

Not sure which option is best for your business? Want more information?

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