The Wavebreak Service

Completely done-for-you email marketing for ecommerce businesses.

This service is designed for ecommerce businesses that want to:

Increase repeat purchases

Increase revenue

Increase average order value

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How It Works

1. Start with strategy

First, we'll perform a comprehensive, deep dive into your existing email marketing.

We'll take our findings and create an email marketing plan that we'll follow for the next three months.

2. Set up email automation

With most ecommerce stores we usually start by setting up email automation.

We'll create new email flows and improve existing flows to help you increase your orders on autopilot.

Over time we'll tweak, test, and experiment with new automated email sequences.

3. Send weekly email newsletters

After we have your automation ready to roll, we'll get to work on your email newsletters.

We'll send out a new email newsletter every week that will educate and nurture your email list.

This will keep your brand top of mind and generate sales on a regular basis.

4. Run sales promotions

We won't do these often, but we'll do them just the right number of times to maximize your revenue.

The biggest example of what this looks like in practice is Black Friday. 

We'll work with you to create an effective sale, then get to work on a series of emails promoting the sale.

5. Increase your email list size

Once your email program is running smoothly, we'll help you get more email subscribers.

We'll implement proven list building strategies that will capture the most emails.

6. Constantly test and improve everything

In addition to running the day to day of your email marketing program, we'll also be working hard to improve it.

We monitor every email and sequence to make sure we're getting you the best results possible.

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