You’ll see results in weeks, not months.

Unlike other agencies, we’re able to generate results fast.

How do we do it?

1) We have a small, exclusive client base which means we can be a true extension of your team. We give your brand the attention it deserves. 

2) We’ve mastered the art and science of ecommerce email marketing and turned it into a repeatable 3-step process called The Wavebreak Method.

Here’s a real-life example of The Wavebreak Method in action.

A fast-growing Shopify Plus store was leaving big money on the table because they weren't doing much email marketing.

Less than 5% of their sales came from email.

They didn’t have the time to do it properly, but they still wanted to make sure it was done right.

So they hired us to manage their email marketing and we turned it into a top revenue driver.

In less than 7 months of working together, we drove over $1.4M in sales using email.

Keep reading to learn exactly how we did it.

How We Did It — The Wavebreak Method

Step 1) The Foundation

The first thing we did was build out a complete suite of email automation.

The client has a healthy ad spend which drives a lot of traffic, but the majority of website visitors don't convert.

We built out an email capture system and combined it with a welcome series sequence to convert more visitors into buyers.

We also created multiple abandoned cart email sequences segmented by product, customers, and non-customers.

By sending more targeted abandoned cart emails, we can address specific objections and recover more sales.

We added browse abandonment emails to turn window shoppers into customers.

We also created post purchase emails for every part of the customer lifecycle:

  • Customer thank you emails to build trust and get people excited for their order

  • Cross-sell emails that add value and get customers to make their next purchase

  • Win-back emails to bring back lapsed customers

With this email automation strategy, you can automate 50% of your email-driven sales.

Step 2) The Acceleration

After that, we established a consistent email calendar.

We started by sending email campaigns focused on quick wins to get results ASAP.

Email campaigns are one-time sends like newsletters, sale promotions, or new product launches for example.

We send multiple campaigns every week to drive repeat purchases, add value, and nurture non-customers.

Step 3) Ongoing Management and Optimization

Every week, we continue to improve their email marketing with ongoing email strategy and management.

The best part? The client doesn't have to lift a finger.

They don't have to worry about creating new email sequences or sending out campaigns every week.

Their email is always improving and our expert team takes care of it all.

This is the exact 3-step process that we use with all of our clients.

Using the Wavebreak Method, we can help you turn email into a top revenue-generating channel too.