Mini Guide: What Brands Should Do Immediately To Navigate iOS 15

iOS 15 officially launched yesterday. Is your email program ready? 

Here at Wavebreak, the elite boutique agency specializing in email & SMS marketing for high-growth DTC brands, we’ve been preparing for this for months.

We put together this Mini Guide on what brands should do immediately to navigate iOS 15.

To keep your email program performing at the highest level, you need to move fast to understand what’s happening and then optimize your program as you have more learnings. 

First, a reminder of what iOS 15 means for your email program:

There are still many unknowns with iOS 15, but here are the main updates: 

  • Email opens will no longer be tracked on Apple Mail 
  • Apple Mail users will be able to hide their IP addresses
  • iCloud subscribers will have the option to hide their email addresses when signing up for email lists 

How does this affect your Klaviyo account?

  • Open rates may be inflated (or inaccurately heightened)
  • Location tracking may no longer be reliable at the city and region/state level
  • Revenue attribution may be inflated

Here’s what you need to do this week:

1. Monitor iOS 15’s impact on your email marketing. 

Starting right away, segment out your iOS audience from your existing emails, so you can monitor the impact. 

As more of your Apple subscribers update to iOS 15, it’s likely your open rates and revenue attribution is going to be affected and will spike. 

This is because Apple will be pre-loading every image in the email, including tracking pixels. 

When that image is loaded, Klaviyo or your ESP will record that image load, as an ‘opened’ email. 

Then any revenue that happens after will be attributed to that email due to the false open. 

By segmenting out your iOS audience, you can see a few things:

1. How much of your iOS audience has updated to iOS 15 

2. How your iOS audience reporting differs from the rest of your list 

3. If your open rates and email revenue is inflated 

We are doing this across all of our clients and will let you know what our data says once we have more info.

However what matters the most is your brand’s specific data, so make sure you’re getting a clear picture using segmentation. 

2. Deploy your new and improved post-iOS 15 segments. 

A lot of brands segment based on open rates and have an ‘engaged’ segment like ‘opened last 90 days’ they send campaigns to on a regular basis. 

If your brand does that, you’re going to need to improve your segmentation strategy to continue to win with email marketing. 

Also if you currently only segment by open rates, you’re probably missing out on a lot of revenue, so this is a good wake up call. 

To uncover your new segments, you need to evolve your strategy and this can be done by analysis of your previous campaigns, you can learn more in our guide here.

The best segmentation strategy is going to be brand-specific depending on your list size, list engagement, customer behavior, and growth stage.

Either way, your new segments should be based on more engagement factors than just open rates, making them unaffected by iOS 15 and keeping your email revenue as strong as possible.

3. Review your data and improve your reporting. 

With inflated open rates and revenue attribution, it’s important that you improve your reporting strategy. 

At Wavebreak, we’ve been hard at work for the last 90 days on a new reporting process we’re rolling out with our clients. 

This way we have the most accurate data of email performance, so we can continue to monitor performance and make data-driven improvements. 

4. Don’t freak out, you’ll be fine! 

Email marketing might be getting harder, but 80%+ of brands are operating at 40-50% of what they could be. 

If you make these pivots and begin to build a truly best-in-class program, this is a great thing. 

Your segmentation strategy will be forced to improve, customers will get more personalized emails, and revenue will increase.

Build a more personalized email program and watch the growth follow. 

Next week, we’ll share more details on how to optimize your email marketing for the post-iOS 15 world as we head into Q4.

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