For every $1 spent, email marketing generates a return on investment of $38.

We help Shopify stores maximize their email marketing revenue.

Your email marketing is stuck.

You want more repeat purchases and higher email revenue.

As the founder of a growing Shopify store, you're ready to take things to the next level.

The majority of your sales come from paid advertising and you know you should diversify your marketing.

But your email marketing isn't cutting it.

Email marketing is hard.

It's a time-consuming and never ending workload.

Coming up with a strategy, segmenting your email list, setting up automation, sending regular email campaigns, testing everything, and creating content is a hassle.

If you do all of that busy work by yourself, you'll drain your time and energy.

Not to mention that you're already busy with so many other things in your business.

A proven email marketing system.

Email marketing is a powerful revenue driver, but it's easy to feel like you're not doing things right.

Keeping your customers engaged with email is an ongoing commitment.

Stop feeling like you could be doing email better.

Leave it to Wavebreak.

How It Works

Step 1: Discovery

It starts with an initial review and audit of your current email marketing.

We'll dive into your current email marketing and create a roadmap for improving your email revenue.

Step 2: Foundation

This is where your email marketing success begins.

We'll set up Klaviyo and segment your email list.

This makes it easy for us to treat your email subscribers differently based on their behavior.

Next we'll design and create a mobile-optimized template.

Your emails will convert on any device.

We'll also implement proven lead capture strategies.

You'll capture more email addresses and convert them into sales.

Step 3: Automation

We'll create all of the automated email sequences your brand needs to maximize your email automation revenue.

Your customers will get the right message at the right time, which increases the odds of a conversion.

These automated emails will...

1. Turn email subscribers into paying customers.

2. Recover thousands of dollars in abandoned carts.

3. Get rid of one-time buyers and drive more repeat purchases.

4. Re-engage inactive past customers.

5. Cross-sell and up-sell related products.

6. Get more product reviews.

With the right email automation, you can generate 10-20% of your total revenue on autopilot.

Step 4: Campaigns

We'll create an email calendar and establish a consistent sending cadence.

We'll send manual email campaigns that educate, nurture, and drive sales.

You'll convert more email subscribers into customers.

You'll generate more revenue from product launches.

And you'll blow your Black Friday revenue goals out of the water.

Completely done-for-you.

We'll take care of everything.

You won't have to worry about strategy, design, coding, testing, or anything to do with email.

You'll get weekly updates and every month we'll hop on a call to discuss results and future plans.

You'll finally have peace of mind and you won't have to worry about your email marketing ever again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Who is this for?"

This service isn't a good fit for everyone.

It's designed for Shopify stores that generate at least $80,000 in monthly revenue.

Request a free consultation below and we'll help you find out if this service is right for you.

"What are the results of this service?"

Typically our clients see a 15-30% increase in total revenue.

For a Shopify store that generates $1M annually, that's an additional $150k to $300k per year.

"How much does this cost?"

Pricing varies based on your revenue and business model.

Engagements start at $2,000 for the initial review before moving into $3,000-$10,000 per month.

You're responsible for paying for your Klaviyo account and other necessary software.

Six month minimum on all engagements.

Request A Free Consultation

Start here. Let's talk about email marketing for your business.

We'll answer any questions you have and demo our service.