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Wavebreak is the email and SMS marketing agency trusted by leading brands.

We help brands diversify their marketing mix and increase revenue profitably with advanced strategy, best-in-class creative, and full-service execution.  


The email and SMS marketing agency built to elevate and support leading brands.

At Wavebreak, everything we do is optimized to help brands maximize long-term revenue growth with advanced email and SMS marketing services.

From high-growth DTC startups to publicly traded enterprise brands, the clients we work with continue to grow and thrive.

Our proven strategy combined with our data-driven creative maximizes your brand’s potential revenue from CRM and lifecycle marketing. 

CRM has never been more vital for the health and sustainability of your marketing. 

We partner with you and your team to develop, advance, and execute your program from end-to-end.  

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Best-in-Class Lifecycle Marketing

Wavebreak specializes exclusively in Email and SMS Marketing. Our strategies and tactics have been tested and proven across 100+ leading brands. Whether we manage your entire program or just a key component of it, our focus is maximizing revenue and engagement while maintaining a seamless workflow with your team.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Stop emailing like it’s 2008 — or even 2021 — at Wavebreak, we overhaul and optimize your email marketing program for what best-in-class is today. We optimize your program from the ground up, aligned to your unique brand and customer journey, testing aggressively to find what works and what doesn’t, across automated email flows and your ongoing weekly email campaigns.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

When executed properly, SMS marketing is a powerful channel for brands. We strategize and create hyper-targeted SMS campaigns and flows that connect with customers — without “annoying” them. At the same time, we take a holistic approach to ensure your SMS program is aligned with your email marketing strategy.

Email Automation

Flows & Automation

With proven strategies and our unique methodology for every core flow, including welcome series, quiz flows, abandoned cart and browse, win-back, retention, cross-sell, and more, we’ll help you get the most out of your program. 

Email Campaigns

Broadcasts & Campaigns

We’ll guide your brand through CRM calendar best practices, record-breaking Black Friday campaigns, high-performance product launches, and ultimately find the optimal cadence and segmentation strategy for your exact audience. 


Your Full Service Email & CRM Partner

Advanced Email & CRM Strategy

Email, SMS, and everything lifecycle marketing to help you maximize revenue, retention, and customer experience. Our programs and email/SMS calendars are based on data and built to your specific brand and customer journey. As your trusted partner, we’ll meet with you weekly and communicate daily to align on strategy and execute. 

Creative & Implementation Solutions

Email Design

Email Design

Get the best of both worlds with our premium email design services. Our designs are not only visually stunning and always on-brand, but they’re also expertly crafted to convert your subscribers. Increase click-through rates maximize conversion rates with our mobile-first email designs.

Email Copywriting


Stand out in the inbox with our carefully crafted email copywriting. From subject lines that stand out to headlines that pull you in, our team knows how to build your brand, educate your subscribers, and empower them to convert.

Email Coding

Email Coding and Implementation

From advanced email coding to thorough quality assurance, our team is dedicated to delivering best-in-class emails that look great in every email client and perform even better. Our team can handle everything from start to finish. 

SMS Marketing

SMS Design and Implementation

Looking for a personalized SMS marketing program that aligns with your email strategy? Our SMS programs delight customers and keep you ahead of the competition. From SMS design to implementation, we’ve got you covered.


Ongoing Testing, Optimization, and Reporting

Our long-term clients see the benefits of our ongoing testing and optimization, with compounding gains that keep their programs ahead of the curve.

A/B Testing and Optimization

We believe that there is always room for improvement in your email marketing program, and we’re committed to finding it. Our team is dedicated to testing and optimizing every aspect of your program, from send times and subject lines to email/SMS cadence to creative and beyond. 


Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into how your program is performing. We create custom reports that give you a comprehensive view of your program’s success, with analysis and recommendations for continued improvement and scaling.


Proven Results

Wavebreak clients generate significantly more revenue, increase lifetime value and repeat buyers, and elevate their brand through exceptional creative.


Nutrafol sees 318% 
increase in email revenue

Nutrafol saw a remarkable 318% year-over-year increase in email/SMS revenue within the first quarter of partnering with Wavebreak. This extraordinary growth was realized by launching revamped automated flows, implementing a proven content strategy, and seamlessly integrating SMS into their overall marketing strategy.


Ballsy Triples Revenue From Email

Before Wavebreak, Ballsy worked with other agencies who couldn’t deliver and match their unique brand and voice. That all changed when within four months our team:


Brathwait Watches: Increased repeat customers by 54%

Email was a lot of work for Brathwait’s in-house team to keep up with, so they hired a team of experts to manage it for them. Within 90 days, we turned email into a consistent, top performing channel ultimately driving:

CaliWhite scales Email and SMS into Top DTC channels

CaliWhite sits in a highly competitive space, with top selling QVC and Amazon products. And so when they decided to scale their DTC business, they brought us on to showcase their products through email and SMS. Since then, both have become top marketing channels for their direct-to-consumer business with results like:

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Through partnership with the best of the best in in lifecycle, we collaborate to bring proven strategies and solutions to help brands thrive.

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