Bronto End of Life: Migration Next Steps and Best Practices

Time is ticking for brands that are still on Bronto with the end of life status date getting closer and closer.

At Wavebreak, we’ve performed countless ESP migrations, including Bronto.

With time flying by, we wanted to put together this article to help brands understand the best next steps to ensure a seamless and successful migration.

Step 1) Choose your next ESP.

There are a lot of ESPs out there, but we personally recommend Klaviyo as the best platform to switch to.

Klaviyo is what Bronto used to be 10 years ago.

Klaviyo makes sophisticated email & SMS marketing simple, allowing brands to segment quickly and easily, and send personalized messages at scale.

The platform is innovative and extremely scalable, powering high-growth DTC startups like Pura Vida Bracelets to leading brands like Kenneth Cole.

“Does Klaviyo have a NetSuite integration?” Klaviyo does not currently, but we have an integration partner that can seamlessly integrate your NetSuite and Klaviyo data.

Step 2) Migrate your Bronto workflows to Klaviyo.

Whether you have 10 or 100 workflows built out in Bronto, we can help you migrate them over to Klaviyo seamlessly.

Our proprietary process and technology can move all your Bronto workflows into Klaviyo in as little as a week.

Earlier this year when we helped a client migrate from Bronto to Klaviyo.

We successfully migrated 38 complex Bronto workflows into Klaviyo in less than 10 business days.

Step 3) Migrate your lists and warm your IP (without losing revenue in the process).

Importing a list from Bronto to Klaviyo is pretty straightforward, but proper IP warming can be complex.

Proper IP warming involves slowly ramping up your send volume to ensure maximum deliverability. But if you’re deceasing send volume, you’ll likely also see a decrease in email revenue.

To balance deliverability and revenue, we focus on building a successful sender reputation on Klaviyo, while also continuing to send campaigns via Bronto, and carefully migrating subscribers as we hit target engagement benchmarks in Klaviyo.

We keep a close eye on your results and engagement so we can ramp your list as quickly as possible, without hurting deliverability and minimizing any potential decrease in revenue.

Our priority is a successful and seamless migration while helping you continue to hit your goals.

Step 4) Beyond the migration, continue to evolve your email & CRM program.

With customer acquisition costs continuing to increase and updates to email like iOS 15, evolving your CRM program this year is crucial to maximize revenue and not go backwards.

Once you’re on Klaviyo, we can help you fully leverage it’s most advanced features from email and beyond.

Our goal is to help you not just maintain performance from email, but help you maximize engagement and increase revenue from a holistic, customer-driven CRM program.

With iOS 15 most likely rolling out in September and the holidays shortly after, we recommend migrating ASAP.

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