Q4 Email & SMS Marketing Strategy for DTC Brands

Q4 is less than 100 days away. 

Instead of watching hours of webinars on how to prep, let me save you a bunch of time.

Here are 4 simple strategies for maximizing your Q4 results with email & SMS marketing (no webinar or virtual event required): 

Strategy 1) Prime your list now. 

The best way to get great open rates during Q4 is to build an engaged audience before you need it. 

Get all the details in the guide I wrote on Klaviyo’s blog here

Strategy 2) Launch SMS. 

If you haven’t launched an SMS program, you should launch it now. 

You still have time. We’ve scaled many SMS programs from scratch to $40k+ monthly SMS revenue by day 60 and if you’re doing $5m+ you have the potential too.

Build your SMS list so you can stand out from the noise this Q4 (and this year there will be more noise than ever). 

You’re leaving money on the table without SMS.

Here’s the catch: you need to launch SMS by early September to ensure you get a dedicated short-code in time.

(Respond to this email if you’d like more info on how we can help you launch an effective SMS program that doesn’t annoy customers.)

Strategy 3) Optimize your email/SMS flows. 

Get your conversion flows dialed in. 

Best-in-class abandoned cart and browse abandoned flows can save you a lot of missed sales.

Get your post purchase flows dialed in. 

Too many brands focus only on Q4 and not on what happens after.

Optimize your post purchase journey to drive repeat orders. 

The last thing you want is one-time buyers during your highest ad spend and lowest margin time of year.

Strategy 4) Plan for iOS 15. 

iOS 15 is set to roll out during September to November. We’ll keep you informed on exact dates once we have more details.

If you segment based on “opened last X days”, you should plan your new go-to segment ahead of time, so you don’t miss out on any subscribers when Apple rolls out iOS 15.

Bonus Strategy 5) Hire Wavebreak.

We’ve helped brands maximize Q4 email/SMS results for 5+ years and we have the proven BFCM email/SMS playbook for success.

Email & SMS for high-growth brands is all we do.

Unlike most agencies, we operate as an extension of your team and care about your success as much as you do. 

You can learn more about partnering with us here.